Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Roller Coaster

I went with a group of girls that I know to Pine Valley (a little town about 45 minutes from Saint George) this last week. Some of them were friends (or the parents of friends) while others became fast friends. I loved being able to get to know them. What a great bunch of girls!! One of the various activities that we so courageously embarked on was to go to Primm (a little town-ish thing with a large resort) to ride The Desperado. After riding for two hours through nothing but desert and cacti we finally came to Las Vegas (yuck.) After driving through Las Vegas, to my dismay we drove through more deserted desert. Finally, I could see something. I had been watching the entire time for when I would be able to see the roller coaster after being informed that it used to be one of the tallest roller coasters in the world. There was a little bump on the horizon. My first thought was "Oh crap. I'm going to die."

If you know me well, you know that I have never been on a real roller coaster. Or at least I hadn't before The Desperado. Just to give you a feel for how outrageously obnoxious this roller coaster is the first drop is over 200 hundred feet tall. As you're climbing you go over a multiple story building and then continue climbing. When I crested at the top I just sat there and told myself that I wasn't going to die and that it would pass quickly. It's a 60 degree drop and the top speed for the roller coaster is 79 mph climbing to almost 4 G's.Needless to say it passed VERY quickly. I have to say that I didn't like the drop. It scared me so badly that I actually shut down for a couple of seconds afterward. No, I didn't pass out, but my head dropped and I stopped responding. However, the rest of the 2 minute 30 second ride was fine. In fact, I actually enjoyed it. What a crazy choice for my first ride on a roller coaster.

The rest of the time I spent in Pine Valley consisted of talking, playing games, and watching movies until five in the morning. I really don't know how we were still awake after two nights of no sleep, but we were. It was a blast. So glad that I got to go!

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