Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Oh College..

Everyone always made such a big deal about going to college before I actually got there. Comments such as "You won't last long, you'll get married" or "You're going to have to work extra hard to keep your grades up" or "You are truly an adult once you're in college" scared me to death. Listening to everyone tell me what to expect made me feel like I was up in space getting ready to jump out of the rocket going at top speed without a cellphone, chocolate, or a lovely man. Okay, so maybe that's a slight exaggeration but not by much. I'm here to tell all of the future college students that it isn't like jumping out of a rocket in space at top speed without a cellphone, chocolate, or a lovely man. In fact, it's actually just fine. Now to discredit the above statements with facts. Okay so maybe facts according to Julie Munson, but hey it's my blog!

First is the whole "truly an adult" thingy. Umm... yeah of course you're an adult, but definitely not right away. Plus it isn't nearly as monumental as it seems like it should be. We've been preparing to be adults since we were little so it doesn't just all the sudden climax when you hit college. At least not nearly as climactic as the day I lost my first tooth. Okay.. maybe close to it. You definitely don't go your first day, get out of your car, and say to the world "I am now an adult!" That means I'm independent, boring, and forever considered old. Yay, exciting. No, pretty much you just feel like you moved to a different school that costs more money and where people aren't constantly on your back to get you to go to class. Big whoop. At least for me, I was pretty much as adult-like as I am now as I was before I graduated high school. Sure, I'm growing and becoming more mature
(maybe), but I didn't change drastically when I walked into my first class. Which I was ten minutes late to. whoops.

Second is the actual school work. Well, in high school I didn't do the whole just skate by and take the easy classes. My senior year I took college classes and really had few electives. This made it so that the transition from high school where I did my homework and took hard classes to college where I do my homework and take hard classes wasn't really that big of a deal. Go figure. However, that doesn't mean that the classes aren't hard. I am dealing with a math class right now that is kicking my butt! The rest of my classes are alright. I have definitely found a couple things academically about high school that I miss in college though. One of those is the relaxed feel that there is about passing classes. Yeah, you needed to pass them so that you had a good GPA and so that you could graduate but in college its a lot more serious. You have all of those other worries plus you're burning hundreds of dollars on nothing if you don't pass. Plus, if you're in my situation, that very money that is making it possible for you to go to college is hanging in the balance. So Stressful! The other thing that I lost was the flexibility. In high school if a class looked cool or of interest I could fit it into my schedule and take it. In college every class you take counts and you're supposed to be working towards your degree. Classes that do not pertain to your particular major are a money and time hole. Quite sad. Overall though the academic side of college is quite doable.

Now the last one. Marriage. Oh boy.
haha. oh boy. Yes, it is a possibility and, yes, it may happen quickly. However, there isn't some kind of a law or decree stating when the marriage is, who your partner is, or even that you have no choice in the matter. In fact it is one decision that you have more say in than most decisions other decisions. I have to live with my choice. :)

At least with my experience so far (It seems that many of my friends experiences are VERY different) the situation with boys is pretty much the same. You go about your day in school secretly liking certain boys while they go about their lives with their girlfriend who always seems to be the most gorgeous girl and all the rest of their friends. You spend your time doing homework and missing my friends Jacob, Ruthie, Jess, Tiffany, Michelle, the list goes on meanwhile they spend their time going to movies and goofing off. It really doesn't seem like much has changed. Just the expectation and the complications have changed. They've gotten worse.

Recently my brother told me that he really thought that I would've had a boyfriend by now. Coming from him that made me smile. Simply because if I asked him why he would say something like "well, you're so dang pretty. I didn't think you were going to last that long" Therefore, it didn't bother me. This opened my eyes though. Talking to other people I realized that lots of people thought that about me. I understand that because I thought that maybe...yeah. As it turns out, though, all the ones that I like are taken. I'm not going to date someone that I'm not interested in so I do my homework and try to ignore the loneliness. I have so much to focus on that it works. Most of the time.

The difference in complication is the serious level. In high school if a relationship was "se
rious" that meant they were steady dating and they might look each other up after the guys mission. Basically you would get your chance because they couldn't get anymore serious than that, and, for me at least, if they did get more serious I wasn't interested anymore. In college, though, the boys are off their missions. So as a girl you can't say anymore that you'll just have to wait til they break up and you get your chance. In college they might get married to their girlfriend and you'll never have the chance. Things just get more complicated. But it's also cool because all the sudden you can just go places with boys alone without everyone jumping around and saying "Single dating!! That's bad!" haha. That has been really nice.

Overall college is amazing. I'm learning so much! I'm learning so much about school, myself, and just the world around me. It's so exciting!! I have decided that despite all the hard things I do love college. :)