Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Abyss

So apparently after school starts I'm the worst blogger on the planet. It's been how long since I last wrote? Yeah, don't answer that. Life is so great! I've decided that college gets better as you let it grow on you. It's just crazy. College was the thing that scared me most until I realized that college doesn't last... then its time for life. Yikes. Now that's scary, but it's okay too. I figure I'll just cross that bridge when I get to it.

I've never really seriously thought about life after school simply because it's always seemed so far away. Suddenly it isn't nearly as far away as I think it should be. That hit me between the eyes when one of my bestest friends told me that she was getting married!
WHAT?! I'm so excited but it was still a big shocker. It just made me think about the fact that I'm growing up, seriously growing up. I'm on the edge of the cliff looking down into the abyss of life and suddenly there are very few ropes holding me back from plunging into the exciting, mysterious, death-defying craziness below. I guess two of the scariest things about it is that its a one way trip down and there is no way to keep from falling in. It will come though and the best thing to do right now is to just be as ready and positive as I possibly can. I only get to do this once. I want to do it right! Even though I'm so scared about life, I am so excited! So excited to learn and make use of myself. Or at least make more use of myself than I am at the moment.

Picture Credit: Soda