Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Acid in Man

I wrote this one day when I got bored in one of my classes. I wrote it in about twenty minutes so its a little random and rambling but hey, whatever. :) Enjoy!

The Acid in Man
You're the acid in man.
The hate and the enraged.
The change in me when I slip.
You crush me when I'm down
My heart left to rip and bleed.

"Darker than night"
doesn't exist but
When you're around
It festers in the foul mists .
You are the darkness
The emptiness
In the human soul.

Be gone Evil Spirit,
leave me alone
You make my heart
Achingly cold, Ice.
I can't find solitude.
After inviting you I weep.
For with you there is
No thing as tomorrow.

I don't want to see you
It's no wonder why
you're the heart of deception
the king of pain
the acid in sorrow
and the drive behind greed
The need to get gain.

You come and death follows
Slithering in you're wake.
Good things shrivel and die
If their foundations you shake.
You strike those who try to love you
and attempt to destroy those who don't.

You think you can reach me
You think that you can.
You know me well,
Clever King of Rascality, I ban
You and your minions forever.
You know me well
So you know that
There's no stopping me.
No, I cannot be dammed
There's a rainbow for me to walk on
And it's obliterating the dark.

You're the end of the world
But I'm reaching for the never-ending.
I'm in the essence of sky
And You can't break eternity.
So you'll fall, you'll fail.
There's no way to stand.
I'm far too tall when I sit in his hand.
You can try and fail again and again.
And I promise you will fail.
And standing in the light
Pure and completely true.
The righteous will rise
to utterly destroy you.

In the sphere of a perfection
Found through a sacrifice.
We'll be conquerors for
He payed the price.
Through us His light will shine
And He will rise from the end.
You will wallow in misery
Your permanent destiny to dread.
Your quest will be over.
Lost your power over men.
And in triumphant glory and victory
He Will Rise Again.