Sunday, October 7, 2012

Boy Letters #1

A new blog post! Are you not all just incredibly excited! So, I have two incredilble friends who created these posts where they wrote letters to boys. I thought it was amazing! I really like reading the posts and decided that I wanted to create some of my own, so here it goes!

Dear MBF,
I miss you like the dickens!
I'm so glad you like the Viper.
The color is absolutely incredible, is it not?
You are so amazing and I can't wait to hear from you.
I am trying to not be green, I promise.
And I am doing better.
Write me soon.

Dear IT,
I like your hair now.
I'm so glad that you put up with my antics.
You're the first one who really has.
Thanks for being there for me, even when that's a rough road.
Thanks for kicking my trash at connect 4.

You won the battle, not the war.
I demand a rematch!
I'll miss you. A lot.

Dear Agent
With a Death Wish,
Thanks for being such a great friend.
You have to admit that the Norwegian blade is pretty cool.
I'm so glad we decided to start beating on each other.
I can't wait to learn more of the song.
Sarcastically but
with Love,

Dear MTN,
Seriously, you are da best!
I love going and playing with you three.
You guys are seriously the best friends a Munson could ever have.
You're all getting so big.
You're such a blessing to me.

Dear Papi,
I love you so much!
How did I get someone like you?
You make me laugh more than anyone else.
I don't know what I would do without your love and guidance.
You are a worthy priesthood holder and the best dad a girl could ask for.
You work harder than anyone I know.
I have been so blessed!
I love you.

Dear guy
who ended up being
number 3 in the 1,2,3 game,
Please, could I actually marry you?
We would be awesome together.
And absolutely darling.
I just know it!

Dear CJC,
I miss you a lot!
I can't believe you are gone.
It's been what, three weeks or something?
It seriously seemed like you were never going to go.
You've already learned so much.
I can tell from the letters.
Thanks for being an
awesome friend!
I love ya.